Build Version 2.1.20 (1.4) - Release Notes

Build Version 2.1.20 (1.4) - Release Notes

Release Date: 10-9-2019

Release Version: 2.1.20 (1.4)



·         User Feedback Rating

-        The user feedback request to the customers will pop up after 30 days of customer signup

-        If the user selects the option to remind me later then system will auto reschedule the feedback for 7days.


·         Conversational Modifiers

-        By default, the conversational option will be enabled on the Category and Sub-Category levels

NOTE: If the conversational option on the Category is disabled, then the sub-category the conversational in the sub-category will be disabled

NOTE: When uploading the excel, the conversational value field will be marked as TRUE


·         Loyalty Points Redemption in Decimal:

-        On the Loyalty Screen, the Redeem Points at field is now able to decimals to the 4 point

-        On iPad, the Loyalty Points will be rounded off and will be displayed as 2 decimal places


·         Item Summary Kitchen Printout

-        When the option Item Summary is enabled in the back office - the menu items sent to other printers will also be displayed on all the printers

-        An item summary will print when Resend to Kitchen is selected


·         Mobile Number Search Option

-        If the searched data is numeric, then the same will be defaulted in the mobile number column and if its Alphabetic then the same will be defaulted in the first name

Bug Fixes:

·         FIXED - Dealer Portal Password Reset

·         FIXED - COGS % discrepancy on dashboard has been fixed.

·         FIXED - Restrict Service Types Name Change

·         FIXED - The person who takes the first order in the check will the owner of the check

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