Build Version 2.1.22 (1.5) - Release Notes

Build Version 2.1.22 (1.5) - Release Notes

Release Date: 5-15-2020

Release Version: 2.1.22 (1.5)



·         Curbside Pickup Option

-        A new pickup order type Curbside Pickup should be added to the existing pickup service options

-        The store timings are the same for both pickup as well as curbside pickup

-        If a user enables the Curbside Pickup, then the curbside notes will be available for the customer to enter the vehicle details on the checkout screen

-        This feature will be enabled by logging into the Online Order Admin portal and selecting the curbside pickup box under the Service field.

·         Online Order Minimum Charges

-        User can now define the online order charges (Service charge, Packing charge etc.) in amount as well as a percentage under the Online Ordering Admin Settings

-        By default, the field shows the name of the charge as Service Charge


·         Driver Tip for Pickup Order

-        A field to enter a Driver Tip is provided in the Online Order Pickup Order screen

Bug Fixes:

·         FIXED - Foreign Menu Images are Cleared for the Menu Items in Online Order

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