Build Version 2.1.22 (1.6) - Release Notes

Build Version 2.1.22 (1.6) - Release Notes


·         Linga Scale Barcode Reading

-        This feature will allow the system to calculate the weight and then pull the appropriate price based on the input decoded from the scale.

o   Weighing Scale Barcoding:

§  The user enters the item code for the weighed item and upon weighing the item, the scale measures the weight of the items and calculates the rate

§  For countable items, the user manually enters the quantity of the items and the rate of the items is calculated.

§  Based on the weight/quantity and rate of the item(s), a barcode label will be generated

o   Barcode Formatting:

§  Barcodes are comprised of Prefixes, Item Codes, Price/Weight, and a Suffix

·         Prefix/Variable Type – The Prefix/Variable type is the first digit of the barcode

·         PLU Starting Position - The PLU code is the number of digits a PLU can hold

·         Price Starting Position – The number of digits the sell price of the item can hold

·         Weight Starting Position - The number of digits an item weight can hold

§  Validations

·         Variable Type Name, Prefix, and PLU Codes are mandatory fields

·         Prefix Values can be between 0 – 99

·         The Price or Weight can we set by the User

§  Types of Barcodes

·         Variable Type 02 - Indicates a typical retail item

o    It contains the product code and price/weight information for the item

·         Variable Type 20 & 21 - Represents products that are sold by weight

o    The UPC label begins with the number system code 2

o    The five digits that follow it on the left identify the PLU Code

o    The ones that follow are for the product weight or the price

·         Variable Type:

o    Variable Measure Retail Trade Item - is defined as an item whose price is continuously dependent on a measurement, e.g. its weight

o    Variable Measure Trade Item - is used to describe products that are sold, ordered, or produced in quantities which can vary continuously, such as meat, cheese, fruit, vegetables, etc.

o   Scale Barcode Set Up:

§  Log into the Back Office

§  Click Settings

§  Next Click the Scale Barcode Settings Tab

§  Then Click the  Button

§  Enter the Following Information:

§  Once Completed – Click Save and Publish


·         Delivery/Pickup Date and Time on Receipt Print Out

-         The receipt print will show the date and time at which the order is delivered for both delivery/pickup order types

o    The time in the print will be in a 12-hour format


·         Notification sound for Online Orders

-         User will be notified with the beep sound when they receive an online order notification in the POS


·         Store Email ID for Online Orders

-         If the Account/Store has an Email ID set up in the Backoffice store settings – the order confirmation will be sent from that Email ID

-         If the Store Email information is not provided, then the confirmation will be sent from the overall Account Email ID


·         Default Language in Store Settings

                     -     There is now a Default Language option for each store in the Back Office

-         For WebPOS user will able to see that language on the PIN screen

-         Email Receipts will be sent based on the default store Language that is selected


·         Google Maps Custom Option for Online Ordering:

-         For each account regarding Online Ordering, the user can customize their own Google Maps API

o    Customers can go to Accounts

o    Then select the account

o    Next Click the Update API Key

o   Input the API Key that was acquired from the Google Cloud Platform


Bug Fixes:

·         FIXED - Circle that marks the Delivery Address is Not Shown on the Customer Profile Screen

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