Build Version 3.0.4 - Release Notes

Build Version 3.0.4 - Release Notes

Enhancement in POS:

1.      Membership Balance on Receipt Print.

  An option to print the membership plan’s balance is implemented.

Supporting Document: Membership current balance in Receipt print

2.      Auto batch for Pax.

  The auto batch option is implemented for the PAX payment device.

  User should choose the SPPAX for the Default Batch Payment option in the application settings.

  User can also configure the auto batch timing in the Batch menu.

3.      Split and Transfer for the combo discount.

  An option to do split and transfer with the placed Combo is implemented.

Supporting Document: Combo Discount

4.      Implementation in cash discount.

  Two new fields “Pay with Cash” and “Pay with CC” is included in the bill print.

  If a customer pays for their orders with cash, a field called "Cash Saved" appears on the receipt print, indicating the difference in value between paying with a credit card and paying with cash.


Enhancement in Backoffice :

1)      Detailed view of sub-category sale report.

  An option to generate a detailed view report for the sub-category sale is implemented.

Supporting Document: Detailed view of sub-category sale report.


Issue Fix:


1)      ZIP code matches is done for NMI payment to minimize charge back.

2)      The issue on view details and repeat order is fixed.

3)      The issue on showing the white space between Modifier groups is fixed.




In Back Office:

4)      The issue of incorrect decimal value in one page report is fixed.

5)      The issue on showing the error message for forced punch out is fixed.


6)      The issue on calculation of taxes for the same menu items is fixed.

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