Central Warehouse

Central Warehouse

Attached below is a guide to our Central Warehouse Module. 
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      Attached below is a guide to our Central Kitchen Module.
    • November 28th 2022 Release Notes

      Back Office Features Adjust Inventory Supporting Document: - Adjust Inventory Inventory Weighted Average Changes Supporting Document: - Inventory Unit Price Calculation
    • Inventory Yield CR

      Introduction This document explains – Inventory Yield Percentage CR Requirement When there is change in the yield % (when yield percentage is below 100% then the price per unit will not change and the quantity will be 1 instead of taking from the ...
    • March 3 2022 Release Notes

      Feature in Back Office: 1.      Variance changes in the Compare Inventory Report: ·          Adjusted column must be renamed as Variance ·         Actual column must be added before to Variance column ·         Wastage column should be renamed ...
    • September 9 2022 Release Notes

      1. Central warehouse upgrade screen changes - White label Old Vs New: 2. Driver's cashier out report  ·         For Drivers, there is going to be a separate cashier-out report based on the settings, irrespective of the Check owner toggle. ·         ...