Daily Summary Report

Daily Summary Report

Implementation in Back Office:

                Page Navigation: My Stores >> Reports >> Daily Summary Report

  The daily summary report should include the following columns,

1) Date

2) G/L Department - It is to track from which department the sales that are made daily.

3) Gross Sales - Gross sales, also called "gross receipts", refers to a restaurant's revenue before subtracting discounts and returns. The comps should be included in gross sales. [Gross Sales = Net Sales + Discounts & Comps].

4) Comps, Promo - Comps are the compliments provided to the customers in the name of a discount.

5) Net Sales - Net sales are a company’s gross sales minus three kinds of deductions: allowances, discounts, and returns.

6) Based on the tax chosen the tax column should appear.

  Users can include/exclude a type of taxes they do want to include in the Gross and Net sales value.

  A field “Tax Type” should be included, which lists all the available taxes. On selecting the Tax Type, the respective tax should be shown in the generated report. On removing the certain tax, the excluded taxes cannot be a part of totals in the gross as well as the net sales.

  An option “Include in Daily Summary report” should be provided in the tax creation screen. If the option is selected, the respective taxes should be shown as the filter options in the “Tax Type” field of the daily summary report.

  Tax value and voids should not be included in Gross and net sales.

  The “Total after Taxes” at the bottom should include gross sales and tax values.

  The taxes the values should be shown under the respective tax type columns.

  The discount column should show the discounts according to the discount types of Promo, Comp, and donation.

  The type of discount applied to the respective G\L Department and the discount value should be recorded in the corresponding fields.

  All comps, promos, and donation amounts in the time need to display in the appropriate department based on the line item in the comp, promo, donation.

  Note: The donation type discounts should be included along with the Promo discount type.

  If loyalty discount available for the store, then it should be shown in separate column in the daily summary report.


  If the line items are from different departments, the discount types applied should be equally distributed to all the respective departments.

  The total tax, gift card sold and the total after-tax should be shown below the generated report as a summary.

  The tax split up should be shown at the bottom of the report. Instead of showing “Taxes”, the tax should be split up based on the available tax types and the respective values should be shown.

  The payment summary for the chosen time needs to be displayed.

  The Payment summary section mentioned should include all payment which is used on the date range selected and total should be the sum of all values.

  The payment summary section should include two details,

1)      Credit card summary

2)      Payment methods.

  The credit card summary section should record the payment card details if the orders made in the respective department are paid using the cards.

  The payment method is the summary section, where all the payment methods involved should be listed. The other payment method, loyalty also should be included.

  The column credits should record the refund values made on the respective card payment.

  The credits column should work based on the toggle which is included in the sale recap report settings. The toggle option “Include Credits” should be included. In enable mode, it should show the column “Credits” in the daily summary report. On disabling, the column should not be shown.

Page Navigation: My Stores >> Settings >> Store >> Report Settings >> Sale Recap Settings.

Screen Layout:

  By default, the toggle should be in enable mode. Users can enable the toggle later.

  Users can do export the report in PDF, Excel, and CSV format.


Screen Layout:

Note: The Tax split up’s, Total after taxes values are based on the departments and its respective values generated on the report.

Payment Summary


The card type, amount paid, tip added should be shown.


Note: The payment summary section should work based on the “Time Period” Filter.


Development Phase 2: Auto emailing of the Daily sales report

Page Navigation: My Stores >> Settings >> Store > Notification.

  A toggle option “Daily Sale Summary” should be included in the notification settings.

  Users can enable the toggle later.

  A field to enter the email ID to which the report needs to be mailed can be provided.

  At the end of the calendar month, the calendar month report should be mailed automatically.

  An option frequency should be included with the filter option “Daily, Monthly”.

  An option to schedule the timing for the daily as well as monthly frequency should be provided.

  On the selected frequency rate and chosen time slot, the report should be mailed to the Mail ID provided.

Screen Layout:


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