Detailed View of Subcategory Sale Report

Detailed View of Subcategory Sale Report

Implementation in Back-Office:

Page Navigation: My Stores >> Reports >> Sale >> Sub-Category sale report

        A new field “Report Type” should be included in the sub-category sale report.

        The filter option “Detailed View” should be shown in the drop-down for the field Report Type.

        With the option “Detailed View”, the generated report should show the sales details of the menu items that come under the respective category.

        The details include the following,

1)      Seq. No – It should represent the sequence number starting from 1.

2)      Name – Sub-Category name

        Under the sub-category, the menu item names should be shown.

3)      Unit Price - Understanding the cost of each unit you produce is essential to ensure your business remains profitable.

Unit Cost = Total cost / sold quantity.

4)      Quantity – It should show the consolidated quantity of the respective menu item sold in the selected period.

5)      Excludes Tax – It should show the total amount excluding the tax value.

6)      Tax – It should show the total tax value.

7)      Amount – The menu price should be shown. It is the additive value of excludes tax and the tax value.

8)      Discount – The discount value applied to the respective items should be shown.

9)      % of Sales – menu item price(exclude the tax) by the entire total amount and multiply by 100.

10)   Total section – Total section should be included for each sub-category. It should show the sum of all the respective columns.

11)   Also, the total section should be shown for the entire sub-category sales at the end of the report.




        Users can do export the report in PDF, Excel, and CSV format.

        The above-mentioned details are only applicable to the “Detailed View” report type.

        If the “Detailed View” is deselected, the report should work as existing.

Screen Layout:


Development Phase 2:

        All the column fields, an option to sort on one click should be included.

        By default, the name column should be sorted in A-Z order, on click into the name field, users can sort the details in Z-A manner.

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