Enhancement in Gift Card Activity Type

Enhancement in Gift Card Activity Type

Implementation in back office:

Page Navigation: My Stores >> Reports >> Gift Card

        A new filter option “Sold” should be included in the activity type field of Gift card report.

        The activity type for the gift card that was issued for the first time was recorded as both "Issued" and 

"Recharged" in the current system.

        The existing functionality need to be revised and the activity type should be recorded as "Sold" for the first time when buying a gift card.

        The activity type should be recorded as "Redeemed" when using the gift card for payment. 

        Upon recharging the gift card, it should be kept under the "Recharged" activity type.

        The activity type “Issued” should be removed.

Screen Layout:



Activity Type work flow:

Consider a customer holding the gift card “12003478”,

      1)      The customer purchased the mentioned gift card worth 100 $.

Back office report should record the corresponding activity under “Sold” type with amount and balance as 100 $.

The sold itself should capture the first-time buying value.

      2)      The same customer made a check and did the payment of amount 30 $ using gift card.

The report should show the activity type as “Redeemed”.

      3)      If the customer recharges the gift card with 50 $, then report should indicate the activity type as “Recharged”.


Impacts on POS:

        Pos should update back office with the activity type as “Sold” for the first time when customer buys a gift card.

        Instead of issued we need to maintain the activity type as “Sold”.

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