Enhancement in Online Ordering

Enhancement in Online Ordering

Implementation in OLO:

            1)      Multi language support for OLO.

Page Navigation: Cloud POS Admin >> Internationalization >> select language >> Get Template

  The downloaded template contains list of all the static fields.

  User can enter the alternate name for the static fields based on the language chosen.

  User can choose the updated template and upload the file.

Screen Layout:


Page Navigation: OLO Admin >> Account >> Language

  A new field ‘Language” should be included in the OLO admin page.

  The user can configure the language to display the static fields in the language field.


Screen Layout:


Page Navigation: OLO store display screen

  Customer can select and change the language in the store display screen too.

  The language defined in the OLO admin should be displayed at the top right of the store display page.

Screen Layout:

Note: Only the static field should display in the selected language. The dynamic fields like store name, store address, menu item name, categories should display by default in English.


            2)      Time radius adjustment for displaying the stores.

Page Navigation: OLO Admin >> Account >> Store Distance

  A new field “Store Distance” should be included in the OLO admin page.

  The store distance should have the radio options 10 Miles, 20 Miles, 30 Miles.

  The stores should sort and display according to the configured distance in the store display screen of OLO.

  If there are no stores available in the configured distance, a pop-up message should be shown.


Screen Layout:

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