Enhancement in Pre Auth & Auth Workflow

Enhancement in Pre Auth & Auth Workflow

Introduction: This document explains the pre-auth & auth workflow

Requirement: The system should prompt the tip screen only for auth transaction.

Implementation in POS:

System must prompt tip screen during authorize:

·         The system will have pre-authorization initially for configured amount

·         Then pre-authorize transaction takes place, Incremental pre -authorize takes places[KS1]   

·         During the final authorization, while making payment, the screen must prompt for tip.

New Enhancement in Pre-Auth

  During the final authorization, once pre-auth transaction is made, then hitting Submit button the system should not show auto-tip prompt. Instead, upon hitting the Submit button, the system should finalize the pre-auth and then Customer and Merchant copies will print automatically.

  Once payment is made, the user will be able to click on Submit button in payment screen. Upon clicking on Adjust button, the tip pop-up screen will be displayed. The user will be able to enter the tip amount and click on Submit button in tip screen for the transaction to get closed. However, when the Submit button is not clicked while making the payment and the user provides the tip, then hitting Submit button in the tip screen will not close the transaction. In this case, the user has to hit Submit button in the payment screen to close the transaction.


Merchant copy /Customer copy will be generated for authorize(As in Process)

·         Once the Authorize transaction is completed merchant/customer copy will be generated

·         However, for pre-authorize will not have merchant/customer copy generated

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