February 16 2021 Release Notes

February 16 2021 Release Notes

Release Date: 16 FEB 21

Enhancement in Back Office and POS,

1)      Employee Meal Discount

 An employee-based meal discount and its report is implemented.

Supporting Document: Employee Meal Discount


Issue Fix:

1)      The no signature text printed instead of a signature text on the CC print is fixed.

2)      Application got crashed on the 2.1.25_2.2 Version when attaching the new customer information for the deliver order for second time. 

3)      Random Menu issues in the non-conversational mode is fixed.

4)      The issue on disappear and reappearing of the voided check is fixed.

5)      The issue on missing check numbers is fixed.

6)      The issue on showing up of the menu items even in the restricted time in POS is fixed.

7)      The issue on sales are not getting posted to the back office is resolved.

8)      Combine with Other discount column is added in the import/export sheet.

9)      Unable to export to PDF when menu item was drilled down.

10)  Mobile view of Zenpepper admin page.

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