Global Till

Global Till

Enable Global Till BOH:

Select “Settings”, “Store”, “Settings”

Scroll down and enable “Open Auto Global Till” also fill out “Enter Opening Balance” then “Enable Tip Paid Out”

Enable Till FOH:

Select “Operation”

Select “POS Settings”

Enable “Set Default Till as Global” then select “Save Changes”

Viewing Active Tills:

NOTE: After Global Till is enabled, cashiers can make transactions right away. No need to start a Till

Note: Till Balance went from $300 to $323.19 after a transaction was taken

Viewing open tills on BOH:

Select “Settings”, “Store”, “Close Till” This will show the Open Tills

Giving Permission to Roles Regarding Till:

Select “User Management”, “Roles”, “Bartender”

Select “POS Operations” and from here you can enable/disable Till settings

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