Import / Export a Menu

Import / Export a Menu

How to Export the Excel Template from the Back Office:

Navigate to Products and Items

Select Import/Export

Uncheck Download with Inventory (This must be checked if you are using Retail)

Click Download data

Note: The exported file with show up at the bottom left corner of the screen

Select this file, and it will open in Excel

NOTE: To be able to make any changes to the spread sheet you must first Enable Editing

NOTE: Any of the top rows and columns in Pink should not be deleted or changed

Note: To see more of the Spreadsheet Tabs at the bottom of the page click on the 3 dots to the right of the + sign and drag it to the right.

How to Import a Menu into the Back Office:


Navigate to Products and Items

Select Import/Export

Choose Browse

Then choose the file that you would like to upload

Then: click open

Next: Click upload

This file will now download into the Back Office

Screenshot of Successful Upload Message

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