Increased Percentage of Price for Modifiers

Increased Percentage of Price for Modifiers

Implementation in Back Office:

Page Navigation: My Stores >> Settings >> Application settings

        With price level configuration of menu items for online food delivery platforms, a new field should be 

added to define the increment percentage for modifiers.

       The tool tip for the field “Order platform price level” should be “The price level for the menu items and the percentage increase in modifier sales for the online ordering food delivery channels can be defined here”.

Screen Layout:



Implementation in OLO:

Impact in Food delivery channels:

        The defined increase in percentage should reflect in the modifier price in respective food delivery platforms.

        For Example, Consider a menu item “BBQ Chicken Pizza” of regular serving size with,

Price Level 1 – $ 13.99

Price Level 2 – $14.99



Mushrooms costs $ 1.1

Ground Beef costs $ 1.1s

For OLO, the price level and percentage are configured as “Price Level 1” and 10.00, respectively.

For urban piper (Swiggy, Zomato, Uber Eats), the price level and the percentage are “Price level 2” and 15.00, respectively.

So, in OLO the menu item “BBQ Chicken Pizza” with modifiers mentioned above costs,

     BBQ Chicken Pizza -regular            1          13.99 (Price level 1 costs $ 13.99)

         Mushroom                                  1          1.21(Modifier Increase Percentage is 10%)

        Ground Beef                                1          1.21

            Total                                                    16.41

In Swiggy/Zomato/Uber Eats, the price will be,

     BBQ Chicken Pizza -regular            1          14.99 (Price level 2 costs $ 13.99)

         Mushroom                                  1          1.27(Modifier Increase Percentage is 15%)

        Ground Beef                                1          1.27

            Total                                                    17.53

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