IOT Wi-Fi Configuration

IOT Wi-Fi Configuration



Using the IOT Free Wi-Fi we can get the customer’s information while they access the internet from stores. These customer details can be used in the future reference. With the help of Mesh Integra on, we can provide free Wi-Fi access.


This document describes the configuration of Mesh in our Linga application.


Configuration in the Back Office



Enable the op on “Free Wi-Fi” in a store in the Hot Spot screen. [IOT >> Hot Spot >> Wi-Fi]

Select any op on from the “Template for User Details”.


Copy the link displayed in the “Free Wi-Fi Page URL”. Note: This link will be used to configure in the CloudTrax.


Finally, click on the “Save” button

Configuration in the Mesh Device (OM2P -V2)

Device should be switched on and LAN connecQon should be provided which had the internet connecQvity also.


To configure the URL, we need to login with CloudTrax


Configuration in the CloudTrax


Enter the following URL in the browser:

Provide the credentials and click on the Login button.

Navigate to SSID 2 screen. [Configure >> SSID based on which number your device is connected.]


Enable the Splash page

Select Hosted remotely and provide Splash page URL: Paste the Free Wi-Fi Page URL Link here

Select HTTP in the Splash page authentication type

Provide the same Free Wi-Fi Page URL in the URL field

Provide the secret password as you required

Finally, click on the Save Changes button available at the top of the screen

To Customer


Once the settings are provided, when the customer tries to connect to Mesh Wi-Fi, they will be redirected to the Free Wi-Fi Page URL in the browser


The customer will provide all the details and click on the Connect button


On clicking the “Connect” button, the customer will be navigated to the Google page. All the details will be saved in the Customer details of the store





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