Jumping to Next Modifier Group with Minimum Modifier Quantity Selected

Jumping to Next Modifier Group with Minimum Modifier Quantity Selected

Implementation in Back Office:

Page Navigation: My Stores >> Products/Items >> Product/Items >> Menu item creation >> Mandatory Modifier mapping.

        A check option “Jump with Minimum Quantity” should be included in the modifier mapping screen for a menu item.

        By default, the option should be in unchecked mode.

        User can check the option later.

Functionality of the Toggle:

        On enable mode [Checked], application forwards the user to the next modifier group after selecting the minimum quantity of modifiers from the corresponding modifier group.

        The existing flow should be defaulted for the disable mode [unchecked].

Screen Layout:


Implementation in POS:

        The application should forward the user to the next modifier group without forcing the user to select the maximum quantity of modifier defined [Only if the option “Jump to Next Modifier Group” option is checked].



        Once the minimum modifier quantity is placed, it should take the user to the next modifier group if any.

        Consider a menu item “Tea” with the following modifier groups,

1)      Milk – Skim Milk, Soy milk, Almond milk.

2)      Strength - Extra shot, ½ strength, ¼ strength.

3)      Sugar – ½ x sugar, 1 x sugar, 2 x sugar. [Minimum Quantity: 1 & Maximum Quantity: 2].

4)      Temperature – Warm, Extra Hot, Volcanic.

        Once user selects minimum quantity from the modifier group “Sugar”, application should jump to the modifier group “Temperature”.



Back Office Configuration:



Impacts on POS:

Step 1: User selects minimum quantity of ‘1’ from the modifier group “Sugar”.

Step 2: Application forwards the user to the next modifier group “Temperature”.




For parent- child modifier,

In Back Office,

        Consider the ½ Strength modifier as the parent modifier and the child modifiers are ½ sugar, 1 sugar, 2x Sugar.

        For the modifier group “Sugar”, the minimum quantity is configured as “1”.

        The option “Jump to Next Modifier Group is checked.


        After selecting the minimum quantity, application automatically jumps to the next modifier group “Temperature”.

        If the option “Hide other Modifier Group” is checked, then the modifier group “Temperature” should only be visible only when jumping.

        If the system does not have a modifier group to jump, then the user can exit from the modifier screen by clicking the "Done 'button.

        The same functionality is applicable to the conversational modifier screen.


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