May 6 2022 Release Notes

May 6 2022 Release Notes

Release Notes for iPad


  • Caller ID store and get customer

Caller ID will be connected to the POS. When a customer calls and places an order, the Caller ID will send the phone number to the POS. In case of existing customer’s phone number, the screen will navigate to Order screen and attach the customer to the order/check. If it is new customer’s phone number, then the screen will navigate to the Profile page.

            Supporting Document: Caller ID

  • CDS Connectivity changed to IP Address

User should be able to connect CDS using IP address in POS Hardware settings.

            Supporting Document: CDS using IP

  • Offline mode - Phase 2.1 MPPG

While taking Magtek payment, if a payment failure occurs (only MPPG should be down and all the other servers are available), then the system should prompt for Offline Mode “iPad cannot communicate to payment server. Do you want to switch to offline mode?” along with Yes and No option.

            Supporting Document: Offline Mode for MPPG Payment

  • Paypal QR Code on CDS

o   QR Code should be shown in CDS

o   Users should enable “PayPal” and “Venmo” toggle to include the payment method for the store in CDS.

o   User can use “PayPal” and “Venmo” to pay using the QR code in CDS

Supporting Document: QR Payment in CDS


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