Membership Current Balance in the Receipt Print

Membership Current Balance in the Receipt Print

Implementation in Back Office:

Page Navigation: My Stores >> Settings >> Store >> Printers >> Front End Receipt Template.

  An option “Show Membership Balance” should be included in the Order Summary section of the Front-End Receipt.

  By default, the option should be in disable mode.

  Users can enable the toggle later.

  On enabling/disabling the print preview should be flexible accordingly.

  On enabling, the print preview should show the “Membership Plan Balance” details.

Screen Layout:


Impact on Receipt Print:

  The membership balance should be shown, only if the customer makes the payment for the order using the membership payment.

  The remaining balance should be updated and shown in the receipt print if the respective option is enabled in the back-office settings.

  The used overdraft amount should be shown separately in the receipt only when the membership allowance comes to zero.

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