Membership Statement Enhancement

Membership Statement Enhancement

Implementation in Back Office:

Page Navigation: My Stores >> Reports >> Membership >> Membership Statement

  A new “Membership Statement” similar to HA statement should be included.

  The membership statement should contain the fields “Customer” and “Time Period” fields.

  The customer field should lists all the customer names as filter options.

  By default, the filter option should be “All” for the customer field.

  The time period field should be defaulted with the existing filters.

  User can choose the customer and select the required time period to generate the statement.

  User can do export the report in PDF, Excel and CSV format.

  The generated statement should show the below columns,

1)     Date

2)     Plan

3)     Check Number

4)     Menu Item

5)     Account Recharge

6)     Price

7)     Tax

8)     Total

9)     Tip

  The summary section should show the below fields,

1)     Summary

2)     Beginning Balance

3)     Account Recharge

4)     Net Sale

5)     Tax

6)     Tip

7)     Membership Payment

8)     Refund

9)     Other Payment

10)  Total Discount

11)  Current Balance



  The beginning balance must show the value of the account that exists before the sale begins. 

  The formula for the beginning balance is, Beginning bal = current balance + Membership payment – Account Recharge.

  If any recharge for the account is done, the account recharge should capture the respective value and display it. 

  In the membership payment, the amount paid from the membership account is shown. 

  The other payment value should be shown in the respective field if any partial payment is made with 

both membership and other payment. 

  The refund shows the value of the amount refunded using other tender options like cash or card from the 

membership payment. 

Note: The user cannot make a refund using the tender type membership payment. 

  After each sale, the current balance is updated and should be shown in the' Current Balance.

  The membership statement should display the member type. For example, if a "Child Customer" makes the sale, then the statement should represent the respective customer as “Child Customer”.

  For customers who are newly attached to the plan and have never made a sale to date, the membership plan 

and the current balance balance should be shown.

  If the customer switches to the new membership plan, then the sales made with the previous plan should also 

be shown with the current balance of the new plan.

  The exempted tax value should be indicated with suffix (TE). TE represents the tax exemption.

Screen Layout:

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