Online Order Dashboard

Online Order Dashboard


In the current system we don’t have any dashboard for Online orders


Dashboard need to be developed for Online sales at store level

The dashboard should have the following details:

-       Top Selling Item

-       Top Selling Category

Changes in Back Office:

·         A new Tab “Online Ordering” need to be added next to the Employee tab in the Store Dashboard

·         In the dashboard, user will be provided with an option to filter on Date range

·         System date will be defaulted in the Date Range

·         For store user, the respective store will be defaulted and can’t be able to view other store details

·         By selecting the required store system should display the graph for below sales

-       Top Selling Item

-       Top Selling category

·         The data need to be get updated on online

·         The TOP 10 items need to be displayed

·         The data need to be shown in Graphical image

·         The "Total Orders" in the dashboard represents the "Total Number Of Checks"

·          The "Transactions" represents the "Total Check Value"


The dashboard screen needs to be responsive, (i.e.) the user will be provided to view the dashboard from laptop, mobile, tablet and iPad

Screen Layout:

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