Palace Requirement

Palace Requirement

    Implementation in Back Office:Store>> Settings >> Printer >> Front End Receipt

        The tax summary should have tax name, percentage & the amount

Ex               Tax1 5%                1.57

                   Tax2 13%              0.35

                   Total Tax:              1.92


        The service charge summary should have service charge  name, percentage & the amount

Ex                Service charge 1   5%             1.57

                    Service charge  2  13%           0.35

                    Total Service charge :              1.92

Note :

  The headers for service charge name/percentage /amount is not required. Likewise, a tax summary header is also not required. The receipt will only have service charge name, percentage & amount as shown in sample receipt

   If there is only one tax, then total tax line is not required. However, if there are multiple tax total tax line is required

   If there is only one service charge, then service charge line is not required. However, if there are multiple service charge, then service charge line is required

   Please note total tax should be below the list of tax, no space required as shown in sample receipt

   The above scenario will be applicable for void receipt

Sample receipt


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