Parent and Child Overview

Parent and Child Overview

After creating a Retail item you will be able to add a Child item to the Parent

You have the option to Link Item which is a retail item already created or you can Add a new item that will act as a child

Adding New Child:

You will need the Name of the Child Item

Sku Code for that specific item

Selling Ratio would be closely associating it with the Serving Size level of the Parent Item

Cost would be the Cost on the individual Child item

Inventory Unit will be how it is stored in the Inventory

Price is how much you are charging the customer

Example of Skittles:

Quantity on Hand for Parent: Shows 150 bags of Skittles are in Inventory

Quantity on Hand for Child: Shows 150 bags of (Tropical Skittles) Child Items

Cost Per Unit for Parent: Shows the Cost of each bag of Skittles

Cost Per Unit for Parent: Shows the Cost of each bag of Tropical Skittles

POS View:

Notice both items display on POS (After items are ordered this will deduct two units of inventory)

-1 From Quantity on Hand (Parent)

-1 From Quantity on Hand (Child)

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