Dec 01 2020 Release Notes

Dec 01 2020 Release Notes

In Back Office,

      1)      Change in gift card activity type.

  A new activity type ‘Sold” need to be included for the gift card instead of issued.

Supporting Document: Cloud- Enhancement in Gift Card activity type.

      2)      User restriction for bulk auto update.

  User restriction has been added to access the bulk auto update.

Supporting Document: Cloud - Bulk Auto Update.

      3)      Enhancement in Tip out- Phase 2.

  The tip out adjustment and its reflection in the payroll report is developed.

  User can enable both “Tip Out based on percentage of sales” and “Manual Tip sharing”.

Supporting Document: Cloud- Tip Out/Tip Share Enhancement.

      4)      Display of first and last name in membership reports.

  Both the first name and the last name of the customers are shown fully in the membership statement report.

      5)      Changes in weekly summary report.

  The “cover” is added next to the net sales row. It shows the total cover count for the specific time period.

  Specific date filter is added to select and extract the report for particular date.

      6)       Menu id was included in Import/export to avoid duplicate.

Note: Known issue , As of now Microsoft excel alone this menu id upload feature will not work. Remaining like Openoffice, Wps, etc.. will support this.

Issue Fix:

In Back Office,

      1)      Active checks not visible in Linga Insights is fixed.

      2)      Active Check sale value not showing in Back Office sales dashboard is fixed.

      3)      The one Page PDF report alignment issue is fixed.

      4)      Business date mismatch and displaying zero values in sales recap report is fixed. 

      5)      The missing of sales for particular date in close day report is fixed.


      In OLO,

      1)      Notes are not printing in the kitchen print is fixed and New app released to Production.

      In POS,

      1)      The gift card in the check option is greyed out is fixed and the build version is 2.1.25 (1.3.1m)

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