Royalty Report with Gift Card Reconciliation

Royalty Report with Gift Card Reconciliation

Implementation in Back Office:

Page Navigation: My Enterprise >> Royalty/Franchise.

        The generated royalty report should include the columns "Gift Card Sold", "Gift Card Redeemed" and “Total Due”. 

        In the "G / C Sold" column, based on the stores, the total gift cards sold for the respective selected time period 

should be shown.

        G/C sold should include the gift card issued and recharged values [both in POS and Back Office].

        The gift cards redeemed value should be shown in the column “G/C Redeemed”.

        The total value of the gift cards sold should be added to the royalty fee. 

        The redeemed value of the total gift cards should be subtracted from the addictive value of royalty fee and G/C sold value.

        The exported form of report should include the columns “G/C Sold”, “G/C Redeemed” and the “Total Due” by default.


Screen Layout:



Calculation of Total Due:


  To obtain the total due, the gift card sold value should be added along with the royalty fee and the Gift card redeemed value should be deducted from the royalty fee.

Formula for Total Due = Royalty Fee + G/C Sold – G/C Redeemed.

Note: The total due may show the negative value in case the gift card redeemed value is higher than the gift card sold value.


  In the above screen shot attached, Consider store 1

Royalty fee $17591.88

G/C sold value is $1000

G/C redeemed value is $500.

Total Due = 17591.88 + 1000 – 500 = 18091.88

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