Tip Adjustment After Making Payment

Tip Adjustment After Making Payment

For Cash payment

After taking the cash payment, if we need to apply a tip amount, please select the payment and hit on to Adjust at the bottom and enter the tip amount. Please find the screenshot below.

Credit Card Payment:

After making the payment through credit card payment method, we have an option at the bottom stating Tip option to enter the tip amount. Please refer screenshot below.

After selecting Tip option from the above screenshot, you will get an option to enter the tip amount.

Please refer to the screenshot below.


Enter the Tip amount

After entered the tip amount and hit on submit, the amount will be debited from the credit card.


·         This is applicable only for Auth configuration & not sale

·         This is applicable for both partial & full payment for credit card transactions done through MPPG & SPPAX

·         Need to change the existing workflow for full payment using credit card. Now the system automatically submits after credit card transaction, instead them system after making credit card transaction should allow the user to manually submit for completing the order(Similar to cash payment). This is applicable only to table & bar service

·         This can be handled by flag in BO.

  Page navigation:My store >>Setting>>Payment >>Manual submit for credit card (Table & Bar Service) Toggle

   When the toggle is disabled, the system will work As-in-Process

   When the toggle is enabled, after completing the credit card transaction, the system should allow the user to manually submit to complete the order.

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